Is Sandy the October Surprise?

Posted on October 31, 2012


Credit: NOAA

Monday night, Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy struck the eastern seaboard bringing both the Romney and Obama campaigns to a screeching halt – sort of anyway. We all know that campaigning during a natural disaster would create a natural disaster for the campaign. So, Obama rushes back to DC as Romney volunteers to go help disaster victims. All this is non-campaigning campaigning. In a normal election year, the last week would be at the forefront of everyone’s minds. The media would literally be talking about nothing else. The campaigns would be in full 24/7 campaign mode. The last week is the true final stretch. This year, not so much. Sandy has put a wrench in campaigning. Could Sandy be this year’s October surprise?

In times of national disaster, the country seems to rally around their commander-in-chief. President Bush’s approval rating skyrocketed in the aftermath of 9/11. Sandy is, no doubt, no 9/11, but there will be those who see President Obama in this leadership role and their hearts will be softened toward Obama. It’s human nature to gravitate toward a leader in times of crisis. President Obama is our President and some will migrate  towards him.

New Jersey Governor Christie’s assessment of the President’s handling of the situation did the Romney campaign zero favors. He said that Obama is doing a ‘wonderful’ job handling the situation. If your Mitt Romney, that’s not exactly the vocabulary you want one of your toSurefire G2x Tactical Flashlight – Black (Google Affiliate Ad)p campaign surrogates using. But, Chris Christie says he is not the least bit concerned about the election because he is focused on the well being of his people. While that is admirable and true, the election will undoubtedly contribute to their well being. If for one second you don’t think we have a crucially important decision to make Tuesday  then you obviously do not understand the stakes of this election  The stakes are extremely high. If we take one path, in 4 years, the America we know today could be completely foreign to us. The second path is sure to bring back the true American dream and way of life. So, Chris Christie, you should be concerned about the election because that too contributes to the well being of your people.

The latest polls show the Romney momentum dissipating  It seems as if Obama is regaining that momentum. Florida, Virginia, Colorado and South Carolina are all tightening up again when, at a time, these states were beginning to go in Romney’s favor. States like Ohio and Wisconsin are showing a steady lead for the President. Why is this? Because the President is actually being the President during this disaster. No one could have anticipated this storm coming. Had it not came and affected so many people in such a negative manner, Romney would have went in full force campaign mode and continued gaining momentum. But, since the nation rallies around  its leader in times of crisis, Obama’s numbers are on the rise.

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Is Sandy this year’s infamous ‘October Surprise’ that has plagued so many past Presidential contenders? We think so. The momentum is back in Obama’s court. If Mitt Romney loses, he can certainly blame it on Sandy.

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