Presidential Town Hall Debate

Posted on October 17, 2012


Photo Credit: CBS News

This will probably be our shortest article to date. Why? The debate itself was pretty self explanatory. President Obama came out swinging as everyone knew he would. Mitt Romney brought as much if not a little more than the first debate. However, Romney did look as victorious because Obama stepped of his game. Even though this will be very short, I will divide the three main frustrations I had with the debate below.

1. Libya

This question segment about Libya was a mess. Obama, Romney and Crowley all fumbled on this one. Obama was lying. The administration did not call it a terrorist attack from the beginning. They blamed in on a YouTube video for weeks. The facts and truth were on Romney’s side, but execution was not. That is nothing new with Republicans. They are horrible at getting their message out effectively. Romney was going in the right direction but never got to completely say what he wanted. Crowley did no favors by doing real time fact checking and not allowing Romney to rebut after her fact check. A fact check that she later ‘clarified’ on CNN.

2. Display of Weak Leadership

To me, President Obama’s constant interruptions and especially his pleads to Candy Crowley made him look like a weak leader. When Romney would start speaking truth and back him in a tight place, Obama would seemingly please to Crowley to get him out of the mess he was in. And sure enough most of the time she did. What kind of leader has to pivot to the moderator and get help the minute the situation gets dicey? A weak one.

3. No Winner

No one won this debate. Both candidates brought the same level of anger and enthusiasm. It was an exciting debate. However, we here at Straight Forward Politics are just that; straight forward. We don’t cling to one party’s lines or candidate. We tell it like we see it. And last night, neither candidate came out the victor. Obama’s flares of anger and frustration and interruptions hurt him and Romney’s Libya fumble messed his chances of a clear victory up. I guess if anyone won it was NBC to had the highest viewership totals for last night’s second show down.

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