3 Things We Learned from the VP Debate

Posted on October 12, 2012


1. Two Different Candidates from 2008

Photo Credit: AP/David Goldman

The one and only 2012 Vice Presidential Debate was held last night at Centre College in Danville, Kentucky. The format was one of a round table almost discussion-like format. Last year’s VP Debate between Vice President Biden and Governor Palin was a classic podium-style format. That is not the only thing different between these two debates. The candidates present at the debate are different too. Yes, of course Paul Ryan is the new Republican Nominee not seen at the last VP Debate, but Joe Biden, the one seen last night, is a different Biden then present in the 2008 Debate. His constant smiling, laughing and disrespectful tone was quite the opposite of what we saw from the Vice President last cycle. This is probably due to the fact that Sarah Palin is a woman, the Obama ticket was destined for a big November win and Mr. Obama had not just bombed his first debate thus giving momentum to the opposing team. So, you see, there was no reason for the same cool Joe that showed up in 2008 to show up in 2012. The race is a different game this time and VP Biden had to take some of that momentum form Romney. Apparently this behavior was the Obama campaign’s answer to this – or maybe he was being typical “Rogue Joe.”

The Biden-Palin Debate in 10 Easy Minutes

2. Vice President Joe Biden Shouldn’t Drink

Am I the only one who thinks this guy was intoxicated? Seriously. The mannerisms exuding from the left side of the stage was quite disturbing. Everyone loves good Kentucky liquor like Jack Daniel’s and such, but Joe must like it too much. Or maybe he had emergency dental work prior to the showdown and was still high from laughing gas. I mean, did you see his teeth?

3. Undecided Voter’s Are Still Undecided

As expected, this debate didn’t bring any new voters to either side. Vice Presidential Debates almost never do. Heck, even Presidential Debates rarely bring in any new supporters. According to the focus groups the cable networks did, and CNN’s Undecided Voter Meter (which was tallying responses in real-time), undecided voters weren’t overly excited about Joe’s actions and weren’t overly enthused with Paul Ryan’s answers. And lets be fair; the Romney/Ryan ticket must reveal more specifics or this recent poll bump will be shifted into reserve. Voters want answers and undecided voters didn’t feel Ryan did this. Maybe if Ryan had given more specifics, voters would have given a win to the young VP challenger. But, between Biden’s strange behavior and Ryan’s vague responses, undecided voters felt the debate was a draw and this debate did nothing to move any poll numbers either direction.

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