Why Israel Matters

Posted on October 4, 2012


Last week, President Obama reportedly denied a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on the basis of scheduling. You see, both President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu will be in New York City around the same time and the Israeli leader was hoping to have a face-to-face chat with his closest ally. However, there is a golf tournament or fundraiser or something that is barring our leader from meeting with the Israeli leader. However, a fundraiser did not get in the way of President Obama scheduling an appearance on “The Late Show with David Letterman” during his week in the Big Apple. Some see this so-called snub as a meaningless issue. Others see it has a complete and utter lack of leadership on the President’s part. I agree with the latter.

For this President to snub an Israeli Prime Minister during any time in history is atrocious. This snub is particularly atrocious due to the events that could soon unfold. Israel has been threatening, or even promising, to bomb Iran’s nuclear facilities within a couple of months. This would undoubtedly cause already rising tensions in the Middle East to become even more unsteady if not churn out a war.

I understand the economy is the “top” issue in this campaign and the country right now, but Israel should rank near the top on the list of priorities for President Obama. If Israel should strike Iran, who knows what their retaliation would be. President Obama should jump at the opportunity to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. America needs to do her best to lessen Israel’s grip on the trigger while at the same time pulling Iran’s completely off the trigger.

Even if this meeting would be mostly a photo opp, it would still be beneficial. Right now, the world sees a United States President refusing to meet with the leader of his country’s closest ally at a time when military action and even war is just weeks away from being a reality. What does this say to the world, Israel, Iran and the American people? That the Obama Administration does not fully have the backs of the Israelis. They are more focused on campaigning and securing four more years if inept leadership. Mr. Netanyahu himself has since shown doubts of America’s unwavering support for his country. Is he wrong? No. Our President believes Israel should return to its pre-1967 borders – basically giving the radical Muslims what they want – Israel’s rightful land. I should say a slice of what they want. They really want the whole pizza and the pizza is the annihilation of Israel and her people.

Why does Israel matter so much? The answer is simple. Probably the most simple answer to any international or domestic policy question in history.

Israel is God’s chosen country and its people are His chosen people!

We HAVE to support Israel in every single thing we do. If not, we are essentially turning our backs on God. The Bible warns against being unfriendly to Israel. This is why America had been Israel’s closest ally for years – we USE to understand that. However in recent years, as our country’s morals have shifted farther and farther from God’s morals, it seems we have forgotten why we must protect and defend Israel at all costs. When we defend Israel, we honor God.

This is why Israel matters as much as it does. It is essential that President Obama quits creating strife between American and Israel. Mr. President, skip a fundraiser just once to meet with Prime Minister Netanyahu. Surely skipping one fundraiser won’t make or break the election for you. You have experience skipping things. Oh you want an example? How about your intelligence briefings, your cabinet meetings, meetings with your economic council. I could go on but I’ll stop there. This meeting will solidify are partnership with Israel and will present a strong, clear message to Iran and all others who want to see the demise of Israel.

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