Sandra Fluke – DNC

Posted on October 4, 2012


Some please explain to me why Sandra Fluke was invited to speak at the Democratic National Convention at all, much less in prime time. She is nothing but a run-of-the-mill law school graduate. Wait, I’m wrong, she isn’t ordinary – she’s delusional. She lives in a delusional America. Her idea of America is not the America that most Americans have in their idea shed. But wait, I’m getting ahead of myself. Day 2 of the convention started earlier  in the late afternoon hours on Wednesday. Several speakers, credible speakers, spoke in this time period. The “Big 3” networks – NBC, CBS and ABC – begin their convention coverage coverage at 10est nightly (though last night NBC opted to show the NFL season opener). The cable networks cover it all day but broadcast speeches in their entirety during the 10est hour When the DNC could have easily had Ms. Fluke speak in these “low viewing” hours, they had her speak at 10est – when the more credible, high-profile speakers take the podium and the largest audience is in tune and at attention. The question is why?

The Democrats are egging on this so-called “War on Women.” Democrats know this election is going to be uncomfortably close. Neither candidate is as popular as they need to be to comfortably win. Both parties are waging their own cheap wars against the other, but we’ll get to Republicans another time. This is the Democrat’s week. The “War on Women”, simply put, is a lie. President Obama and his team realize that they cannot run off of their record these past four years. His most noticeable accomplishments – passing the Affordable Care Act and giving the kill order on Osama Bin Laden – both come with baggage. Though both of these are being ran on, there not enough to give President Obama a large edge. So, they do the easiest thing: make Republicans look out of touch by saying implying they are sexist and racist.

That is why Sandra Fluke’s fifteen minutes were extended. Her speech was short and shallow. No depth at all. She believes Americans should pay for her birth control. Please tell me why my hard-earned money should contribute to your sex life? I am only in favor of my tax money being paid for other people’s medicine when its an actual medical condition – not just because you are not ready for children. If its that big of a deal – YOU pay for it yourself.

But besides all of that nonsense,  it was clear Fluke was out of her league – big time. To think that she could speak on the same stage, same podium and same night as Bill Clinton is pure craziness. To think this woman can say anything of substance is nuts. She spoke of a two separate paths for America – that was her only sane statement. Those two paths are the logical and ill-logical.

Simple fact is she should not have spoken at such a high-profile hour and just minutes before a former President of the United States. She simply does not have the credentials to be that credible. You know its true when the 2 “Big Networks” that were covering the convention opted out of airing her speech in favor of analysis – especially when these networks are thought to be bias towards the Democratic Party.

Ms. Fluke, Rush Limbaugh gave you attention you never deserved. Your time in the lime light is over. Please move on and let someone with an actual sound mind step into it.

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