President Bill Clinton – Democratic Convention

Posted on October 4, 2012


Former President Bill Clinton spoke at the 2012 Democratic National Convention on Wednesday night. He has the highest approval rating of any once-elected Democrat in the country resting comfortably in the 60% range. Obviously this is much better than President Obama’s approval rating. So, the Democrats, and more specifically the Obama campaign, needed a heavy hitter to come out and whole-heartily support Barack Obama. President Clinton sure did come out swinging – and went into extra innings. Extra innings, you ask? Yes, this speech was nearly an hour long – longer than any speech so far at either party’s convention. In typical Clinton fashion, he reportedly strayed from the script several times. In fact, it was the most unscripted event of the convention. Almost as unscripted as Clint Eastwood’s “performance” in Tampa. This notion of going off script has become odd at modern conventions since they have become extremely scripted unlike conventions of the past. President Clinton, or “42” was able to look past the reported and suspected tension between him and the current President and set a fire to the convention hall. Bill Clinton has always had a very unique way of wrapping the audience around his finger. And the convention was no different. However, according to Twitter research, he was not mentioned as much as Michelle Obama the night before. As expected, he had plenty of typical Democratic talking points. But, Clinton is a straight-forward speaker. He’ll tell it like it is when it comes to policy. did a fact-checking story on his speech. According to them, everything was basically true, just a little misleading. But hey, this is politics – what else do you expect.

Regardless of your personal opinions with Clinton, you must agree that he is a master politician. Last night reminded many people just how good he is at his job. Did I agree with all the policy he talked about? No. But that is President Obama’s policies and I will address that once Obama speaks. It is unfair, in my opinion, to criticize President Clinton on the substance of the speech. This party is no longer his (although by the crowd’s reaction you’d never know it) so its not fair nor appropriate to harp on him for it. You can only judge his delivery which was spot on. He needed to do two things. One, re energize the Democrats who have had a noticeable enthusiasm drop off from four years ago and, two, reach out and convince Independents and undecided voters to keep the President in power. On that grading scale alone, Bill Clinton receives an A-plus from me.
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