President Barack Obama – Democratic Convention Acceptance Speech

Posted on October 4, 2012


President Obama has officially accepted the Democrat’s Nomination to run for President of the United States. This speech, of course, was highly anticipated as every acceptance speech is and should be. Originally scheduled to take place at the much-larger Bank of America Field, this acceptance speech celebration was be balloon-free due to the decision to move it indoors in the Time-Warner Cable Arena where the rest of the convention as taken place, supposedly due to weather concerns. What do we grade him? Well this grading scale is a little different than most. An average person would be given a solid ‘A’ on delivery. However, President Obama is not known to be an average speaker. His speech last convention is arguably one of the best speeches in terms of delivery in this modern era of politics. His keynote address in 2004 would have gotten even Republicans on their feet. This is the standard he has set for himself. Because of that, I was left underwhelmed. It seemed far to nasty and harsh. This election has been disgusting so I guess it fits. His acceptance should have been more focused on his vision of America – his vision of our future – not a barrage of attacks on Romney, Ryan and Republicans – and, lets not forget, half of our country.
We did not hear any specifics on how these promised would be made good one. One example: he promised his plan would cut $4 trillion dollars from the deficit. First of all, that’s great, but where has this deficit cutting plan been for the last four years? And better yet, what is this plan specifically? How will it cut $4 trillion? I’m not asking for an entire thesis, just throw me a one-liner – I’ll take that. 

I understand that Romney was vague with his plans as well. He should have been more detailed as well. Politicians need to stop with the spin and rhetoric and give us real answers. President Obama’s campaign has criticized Mitt Romney for not being specific on his plans at his convention – completely justified. But, Mr. President, that show will definitely fit both of you.

I honestly wanted to be inspired by this speech. I was not. At all. I came in with an open mind but left wishing I hadn’t. 

I didn’t expect the President to say he was a failure as a President. No one should expect that. I do think, however, that the American people would like a little transparency, a little humbleness. Tell us you did not do everything perfect. We as Americans eat that stuff up. You were put on a pedestal. Its okay if you admit you slipped off of it once or twice.

The theme of this convention has been about two paths for America. We’ve been reminded of this by both sides. This is a very true idea. These two sides are offering very unique paths for this country indeed. I could go in to the differences and list every major one. But I believe I will save that for another day. 

In your heart, which path feels right to you? Which set of ideas better reflect you and your family? What world do you want you children and grandchildren to grow and live in? I cannot answer that for you. Mitt Romney cannot answer that for you. Barack Obama cannot answer that for you. Your coworkers, friends, spouse nor family can answer this for you. Only you can answer this for you.

In conclusion, Barack Obama had a speech that would have been solid for an average speaker. For him, not so much. Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama both did a better job at inspiring people and promoting the President then he himself did. 

“I’m no longer just a candidate, I’m the President.” Okay, Mr. President, as MY President, I ask you please stop this partisan rhetoric and give real solutions to real problems. The American people deserve nothing less.
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