How Can Romney Win?

Posted on October 4, 2012


In recent days, Republican Presidential Nominee Mitt Romney has seen a sharp and quick drop in his polling numbers. These significant drops come after a video was released showing comment the Governor made back in May at a private fundraiser about the so-called ’47 percent’ of Americans who are pro-Obama – but I’m sure we all already know this. This sharp shift in polling numbers has many Conservatives accusing pollsters of skewing the data Democratic. But, for sake of argument, let’s say that these numbers are 100% accurate – you can take them to the bank. Assuming this, what exactly can Mitt Romney do to gain some traction?

1. Have an Impeccable Debate Performance Wednesday Night
This is undeniably Mitt Romney’s most important debate of his life. The first of three presidential debates this year is definitely the most important. Romney has to come out of the gate with his A-game on. If he wins this debate, the polls will reflect it. But it has to be the first debate. The second and third will be too late.

2. Improve Message Delivery
We’ve had enough gaffes from the Romney campaign to last a life time. We all know the media will pounce on Mitt for something has small has a misplaced hair. So, what Romney and Republicans in general need to do is improve their message delivery. Democrats get an A+ for their ability to craft and distribute their message. Republicans get a solid D+. The GOP just can’t seem to break the proverbial “fourth wall” of the media’s left-leaning filter and tell people like it is. If they improve their message delivery, they can bypass the media sludge and convince people that, despite a few missteps, their plan for the country is the better of the two.

3. Quit the Obama Attacks
I understand that Republicans and Romney want to win and believe the last four years have been disastrous, but obviously criticizing Obama’s record is not working for the Romney Campaign. Instead, share the Romney plan for the country. Inspire people to vote for you. Tell your agenda for the country and how you will improve and work on today’s hot button issues. I believe this will breathe a breath of fresh air into this ugly campaign and voters will realize and respect this.

Are these the only answers to Romney’s problems? Definitely not. But I think these solutions will go a long way in bringing Romney back up in the polls.

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