Republican National Convention Recap

Posted on September 4, 2012


#GOP2012 Recap

DAY ONE: The 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa, FL has now ended. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have accepted their party’s nomination President and Vice President. The convention started off with a speedy gavel-in and subsequent recess due to Hurricane Isaac churning in the Gulf. 

DAY TWO: Tuesday was the roll call day. The day the party officially nominated Mitt Romney to run for President of the United States. It was mainly theater as everyone knew months before knew it was Governor Romney. Nonetheless it was inspiring to watch. New Jersey brought Mitt’s delegate count to 1,150 delegates – 6 over the 1,144 delegate count needed to clinch the nomination. A 30 second or so celebration then back to business. The day continues with speakers pumping the base up. Then we hit prime time. Ann Romney delivers a heartfelt speech about her and Mitt’s past – attempting to paint her husband has “human” and “in touch.” She came across has trying to hard. Explaining their dinner menu – “pasta” – just seemed like a desperate attempt to humanize Mitt Romney. But what is she to do? According to polling data across every platform, Mitt Romney is much less “likable” than the President. We’ll talk more about this trying to hard idea in a later blog. Now, moving on to New Jersey Governor Chris Christie. Two words describe his speech in a nutshell: Anticipated and Underwhelming. Everyone (at least in the Republican arena) loves Chris Christie. He is an excellent speaker. However, this convention setting was obviously NOT his strong suit. He did good – but not “Christie good.”

DAY THREE: Prime time welcomed Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan’s acceptance speech. The crowd obviously loves him. The energy in that room could be felt all across the country. He delivered a strong, crowd pumping acceptance speech. He touched on the issues that he is knowledgeable and the ones the American people care about the most. The media and Democrats soon began criticizing him saying some of his claims were untrue. Again, another story for another time.

DAY FOUR: Clint Eastwood. Those two words sum up the last night of the convention. No one was even talking about Romney’s speech the next day because they were fixated upon Eastwood’s “unique” speech. The Twitter world blew up with #Eastwooding quickly becoming a trending topic. And, of course, Democrats were swift to attack. After his scorching bit, Florida Senator Marco Rubio spoke in hopes of winning a few Hispanic votes. Yet again another story for another time. That makes three so far. Finally the moment the entire week had been leading up to: Mitt Romney’s acceptance speech. The venue was much more humble than his rival’s platform four years earlier. He gave a speech full of promises and visions for a better America. He briefly told of goals a Romney administration would accomplish, but never gave any details at all on how any of it would get done.

OUR “Straight Forward” VIEW: Mitt Romney needed to have a defining moment to accelerate his campaign and boost himself in the polls. The convention had many chances to attain this magical moment, but sadly never did. While initial polling suggests modest gains, the memorable moment his campaign hoped for never came. The most memorable and talked about moment was Clint Eastwood. This was a good idea execited badly. It didn’t hurt the campaign, but also did not give them the push they needed. Perhaps we would have seen a larger poll gain (and higher television ratings) if the Paul Ryan VP selection would have been put on the back burner and not announced until convention week. It gave the 2008 convention monstrous ratings when Sarah Palin took the stage and gave the McCain campaign a large lead in the polls – the one and only time they were ahead in that election. 

There are 60 some odd days still left until the ballots are cast. President Obama and the Democrats hold their convention next week and then the real campaign starts thereafter. So, you see, we still have plenty for everything to change.

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