#TheaterShooting: Its Effects on Your Rights

Posted on July 25, 2012


Just after midnight on Friday, July 20, 2012, a local movie theater in Aurora, Colorado saw its doors flooded by many excited movie buffs ready to see the debut of the last movie in the “Dark Knight” franchise. Children, teens and adults alike all made this trek late at night in order to be entertained. Little did they know, this midnight showing would be forever ingrained in their minds.

24 year old James Holmes, just minutes after the film started, unleashed a deadly attack on the theater killing 12 people in all; 10 on the scene and 2 at the hospital. 70 were wounded. This was a tragic event in America. One that has reignited of the gun debate.

Gun control laws are being increasingly favored by lawmakers and citizens alike. Since the beginning of the US, citizens have had the right to bear arms. It is a form of protection against danger. However, due to numerous accidents involving guns, some believe this right should be taken.

Here is my question. If we get guns taken away, how will we protect ourselves in our homes? If some masked intruder breaks into your home and attempts to kill you, how will you defend yourself and your family? With your fists? You might be strong, but you are no match for his ammunition which he is sure to get on the black market.

A criminal is going to find his or her way onto a gun whether it is legal or not. If they are seeking to cause harm, a law will not stop them. After all, they obviously do not care about laws as they are planning on breaking them anyway. The media seems to forget that small fact.

So, since a criminal WILL get access to a firearm, how will YOU protect your young children when our gun rights are revoked? The answer is you won’t. You will not be able to protect your family or belongings because you will be submissive to the man with the gun.

Are guns dangerous? Yes. Should we not have the right to have them? In a perfect world, yes. Sadly, our world is far from perfect and we have to protect ourselves. The government will say they are revoking this right for your protection when in all actuality, they are making us more vulnerable.

What is someone in the theater had a gun and was able to return fire after the first shots Holmes made? Could they have ended his reign of terror therefore preventing death and pain? We’ll never know because it seems no one carried a gun as Colorado gun laws are extremely strict.

Where does this end? Where will the government stop seizing our rights all in the name of PROTECTION? We can not let them take the right to bear arms away. Just like a rebellious child, you give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. If we do not fight and the government takes guns away, they won’t stop until the America wrote about in the Constitution is an America of the past.

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