Ann Curry: Here ‘Today’ but Gone Tomorrow

Posted on July 8, 2012


So, unless you live under a 3,000 pound boulder, you’ve probably heard that Ann Curry is no longer a co-anchor on NBC’s today show. Initial reports of her impending departure actually surfaced several months ago during the time in which Matt Lauer renewed his contract for an estimated whopping $25 million a year and the Today Show’s first weekly loss to ABC’s Good Morning America. For some reason, entertainment and news sites didn’t bite into this so these reports were left largely unnoticed. Fast forward a few months to June. The ‘Today’ ratings are continually being challenged by GMA and the noticeable lack of chemistry between Curry and Lauer is becoming more noticeable. This ensues a media storm about Curry’s future at the show. The drama lasted only one week. In the final 5 minutes of the 8 o’clock hour (Curry’s last hour but the show’s 2nd) Ann Curry quickly announced that this was her last show as co-anchor. Matt, All and Natalie quickly barfed up 3 individual and very awkward memories from Ann’s time on the show and that was it. No video montage. No “last walk” on the plaza. No fanfare. No hoopla. Nothing. Just a few minutes to say bye after nearly 15 years of dedication.

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So, what was really the reason NBC showed Ann the boot? The public will never know. The NBC executives and those responsible will never share the whole story and the rest of the Today team probably doesn’t know the true story. Ann is the only other one who knows the truth and she proved herself too classy during her last week to tell.

Ann is good at hard news stories. It was obvious to casual viewers, regular viewers and Ann Curry fanatics that the 8AM couch and kitchen was not the best place for her. She is better covering wars, genocide, starvation, human trafficking and worldwide news events. Her place is not interviewing Mishka the talking YouTube dog. This is not a negative on Curry’s part. She did a fair job at the morning gabfest but her comfort zone is in the field. NBC should have realized this a year ago but failed to do so. Therefore, they decide to handle this far too publicly in a far too unprofessional and idiotic way.

The very next day, 9AM anchor Savannah Guthrie was announced via press release to take the position in July. One can only guess how this will turn out for the recently vulnerable morning news/talk show. One thing is for sure. No matter your personal opinion of Ms. Curry, you can agree she handled her exit in a classy, near flawless manner and deserves major accolades for that. She will now have a made-up new role at the Peacock where she will be working as an anchor-at-large (whatever that means) for their News Division.

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So, will you continue to start your day with Today or will you tell yourself good morning with ABC’s GMA? Let us know and share your opinion on the issue!

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