The Affordable Care Act

Posted on June 30, 2012


History was made on Thursday, June 28, 2012. The United States Supreme Court ruled that President Obama’s Healthcare Law was constitutional. The debate over this has been passionate to say the least.
But, you guys already know all of this so no need to rehash old news. The question on everyone’s mind  is how this ruling will affect the upcoming November election for both the Presidency of the United States as well as Congress.

It is no secret how Republicans feel about this law. The Romney Campaign has used it as a prominent theme in their quest to defeat the President this fall. Romney’s camp and Republicans both ran to cable news networks to spin their opinion. The Democrats and the White House did too. Each side had their own reasons for being for or against this law. Each had a point. Each were right, each were wrong. 26 states challenged this law, paving the way for it to be sent to the U.S. Supreme Court. It was no surprise that with the national coverage they would pick it up. We know how that all went down. The High Court believes it is Constitutional. However, “SCOTUS” does not have the power to elect a president – we the people do. So, while the SC ruling was, of course, very significant, the people’s ruling is what will really be significant come November.

According to a recent poll, Americans are pretty much split on the issue. Does this mean that the vote come November will be split? I am honestly not sure. Here is one scenario that could possibly play out. This scenario causes pretty much nothing to change. Our country is more politically divided than ever before. I see the progressives staying with the President and the Conservatives staying with Romney – virtually unchanged by the court’s ruling. The only change I foresee is an invigorating passion sweep through both parties that will ultimately cancel each other out leaving Independents holding our country’s future in their hands. I have believed this is how it would unravel for a while now – the Independents among us having the “Swing Vote”. If anything, this ruling will pull our opposing parties farther in the opposite directions leaving the poor, innocent independents out in the snow desert alone – and afraid.

If the President wins, look out “Obamacare Nation”. If Romney wins, an appeal  by the House GOP WILL be set forth but a REPEAL will only happen if the GOP wins the Senate which I see less likely because of the court’s decision. So, while this ruling has the possibility to change everything, it also has the possibility to change nothing.

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