The World in Which We Live…

Posted on June 23, 2012


I heard a statement a few days ago that got my mind thinking. It was a simple, yet precise one sentence statement. It went something like this,

“We live in a world where losing your phone is a bigger deal than losing your virginity.”

While this may be untrue for some of us, it is true for a large percentage  of people in our culture. Now, no judging is coming from me on this. What you one wants to do with his or her body is up to them. We as people are in no position to judge or profile anyone for any action.

Nonetheless, this statement churned the engines in my brain like sweet, yummy butter. The world as we know it in 2012 is a lot different from the world 100, 75, 25 or even 10 years ago. Things that were once taboo are now everyday practices. Is this bad? Not necessarily. In some cases, these changes to our world have contributed to great, positive progress. Others, not so much.

This blog was not started to address the issue of our world as it is today. It was started to address political issues being faced in our country. However, upon thinking about this, I realized that politics have a lot to do with the changes in our world. In the next few months, I will be voicing my opinion on the 2012 Presidential Race. This is an important time for our country with two different directions up for vote. Neither are 100% evil or pure. Each direction, or vision, has its issues and virtues. With all of the hot button issues up for debate in this election, I should have plenty to blog about before November!

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